Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2010 Cayman Trip

Well, we've been back for a little over a week now and have been busy ever since.  I just posted the pictures to my Facebook account. If you have a FB, then click here.  If you don't or aren't 'FB Friends' with me, then click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

We had a great time this year. It was just the 5 of us this time.  We stayed at the resort most of the time this year and took advantage of the kids activities that were offered.  Our resort has the BEST concierges on the island.  I'm not a drinker AT ALL. I hate the stuff actually.  But I had to sit next to Lucy on the way there and she talked non-stop the entire 2.5 hour flight.  Then when we got there, Danny had left his cell phone on the plane and there were ants EVERYWHERE in our rental van. I was not pleased. I was tired and cranky and when we pulled up to the resort, Laura (one of the concierges) brought me a Rum Punch and said that my husband insisted that I needed it! He was right and it was really good. 

We hung around the resort on Sunday, went snorkeling and played in the pool we went for a walk on the beach too. EmmaLee and Lucy made bracelets with Lyndsey (the Activities Coordinator). 

On Monday, the kids went to the Pirates Caves with Lyndsey and Danny and I got to relax! We went snorkeling by ourselves. When the kids got back we went to the grocery store and saw some very interesting items.  Then we headed into town for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, The Brick House.

On Tuesday, my birthday, we went on a sailboat snorkeling adventure.  Lyndsey's husband, Alan, and his friend, Dave own White Sands Water Sports and it's located right at the resort. Alan and Apollo (Dave had to stay behind) took us on this really cool sailboat to a sandbar where EmmaLee and Lucy could play in knee deep water while Alan took Danny, myself and Daniel on a snorkel tour.  We saw so many fish, it was really amazing. Danny got pictures of a Lion Fish and a French Angel and a ton of others.

Tuesday night was also Kid's movie night with Lyndsey. So Danny and I got to go on a date.  Lyndsey took them back to our room for us and stayed with them til we got back.

Wednesday, we were so sunburned from the sailboat that we stay in as much as possible.  We leisurely drove into town stopping so I could take pictures, etc... and eventually went to see a movie at Caymana Bay. The kids were dying to see Furry Vengence. They loved it, but Danny and I didn't.  Then we found this huge water fountain that shoots the water out of the ground. The kids played in that for a long time. I took a ton of pictures too. The bay had jelly fish in it that were really weird looking. I forgot to take pictures with my regular camera, but caught some with my cell phone camera.

Thursday we took Lucy 'snerkeling' for the first time. Danny taught her in the baby pool and then we headed out to the ocean. She did great and loved every minute of it until I announced that I saw a nurse shark. That freaked her out and she wanted to go in. 

Friday we headed into town to go shopping. There were no cruise boats that day so it wasn't crowded, but it was HOT! We made our annual trip to the Island Glass Blowing. I love that place.  We ate lunch at Hard Rock Cafe and went to the local Dairy Queen for dessert.

Saturday we hung around the resort for the last day and snorkeled and relaxed.

Overall it was great trip. I spent a lot of time reading on the beach and the kids played in the pool a lot. I have no idea what Danny was doing while I was reading, he was probably inside reading too.

Don't forget to check out the pictures! And let me know if you can't view them for some reason.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lucy is at it again....but this time, she had help

I'm still working on the Cayman vacation photos,  there are 'several' :)

But I thought I'd post the latest on Lucy. 

Today she spent the day at Aunt De's house with her cousin, Blake, who is 3 months younger than her and had recently broken his finger. When I returned to pick her up, she and Blake were in the backyard on the patio. EmmaLee went outside to see what they were doing and promptly came back in the house to tell us that they had been playing with sidewalk chalk and had gotten it wet and now it was all over them and their clothes.  De and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes.  When we got to the door to survey the damage, it was worse than we thought. I told EmmaLee to run get my camera out of the van.  When she returned I started snapping pictures.
As I was looking through the lens, I noticed that Lucy had black smudges all over her face and little dots on her nose that looked like soot. But that didn't add up so I just assumed that it was black chalk and the sweat on her nose made it bead up. Makes sense right? She does have a guilty look on her face, don't ya think?


She was guilty! Very Guilty!

Lucy and Blake had decided to play in the charcoal filled fire pit that was hidden from view through the windows!  IT REALLY WAS SOOT! 

Of course Lucy and Blake blamed each other and lied about having anything to do with it. But Lucy finally confessed and all was forgiven. 

It's been awhile since she's done anything like this and actually De and I had been talking a few weeks ago that we were surprise that nothing like this had happened yet and we were just waiting for it.... :)


I've been busy.....

The end of the school year is always hectic, but when you're trying to cram school work, packing for a major vacation and doing real work for a friend who decides she needs it all done before you leave.... life can get overwhelming.

I have lots to update, but not now. I'll give you hint at my next couple of blogs....

1. We took another incredible vacation to Grand Cayman and I have awesome pictures.

2. Lucy is up to her old tricks again, but this time she wasn't alone.

That's all for now. I'll post those blogs tonight or tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

365 Photos again and other stuff

So I've been bad about posting photos on my blog, I'm trying. If you want to see them, click here.

I've had a lot of fun taking photos. I can't do it everyday, but most days I do get too.  Of course today, my memory card and computer decided to erase the last few days of photos an so I don't have any! I'm really not happy about it. But I've lost more photos than that before, so I'll recover.

I'm really ready for school to be over with. I want to spend my summer reading books and laying out by the pool watching my kids play.

My sweet baby girl, EmmaLee, turn 10 next week! Where did the time go? Last Sunday, May 2nd, was the day my grandmother, Mary Lee (aka Mamo), passed away. It's hard to grieve when you are 9 months pregnant.  I wish she could have known EmmaLee. They would have had a lot of fun together.  Mamo was a wonderful grandmother, who spoiled me rotten as a child and somewhat as an adult. I miss her terribly.

Here is a recent photo of EmmaLee.  This was taken right before she got really sick. She had a terrible case of tonsillitis last week.  She was very sick and didn't really eat for over a week.  She's much better now.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

365 Photos

Here are the first 4 photos that I uploaded to the 365 Project website:

I'm really excited about this project. I've been wanting to improve my photography skills for a long time. I actually carry my camera with me all the time now since I finally got a camera bag that I love (and it's purple) and this project forces me to take a picture everyday.  I have no real theme right now, but I'm thinking of some that I might want to try. We'll see what happens.  If you want to follow my 365 Project, you can click here and follow it there or here which ever you prefer.  I'm going to try and post both places, but I'm not promising that they will end up here. I'll add a link to it on the blog though.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Gonna try something new...

So I've been wanting to do this for awhile and have finally decided to give in and try it.  it's called Project 365 and it's taking a picture everyday for a year. The picture can be anything you want.  I've been wanting to do something similar but never got around to it. If you want to check out the photos I post, click here.  I will also probably  try and post them on the blog too.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lucy's antics....

Lucy has had some fun days at her preschool the last few days.  She got to dress western last Friday.

And then today right before we left for school, I remembered that it was show-n-tell day and I checked the calendar. To my surprise, she's supposed to dress like she's in a circus today! GREAT! Here's what we came up with. She apparently decided she was a sad clown.


So typical of her.....

On Sunday, she was being silly and I found her like this...

I still have no idea what she was doing.

Daniel and EmmaLee did great the last TKD tournament. I'm sure you've seen these pictures already, but you have to see them again.


The students are bracketed according to age, weight and belt rank. 
EmmaLee won the gold medal in patterns for her bracket, and Daniel won the silver in patterns. That's his friend Robbie with him in the picture. He won bronze in patterns.